Top Links: And now it's President Obama's turn to talk immigration

President Obama presents his vision for immigration reform. (Photo by Rex Features/AP Images)
President Obama presents his vision for immigration reform.

Top story: The president will be in Nevada echoing what we heard from the Gang of 8 senators Monday: immigration isn’t an “if” any more, it’s a “when” (though still partly a “how”, too).

  • “Today POTUS will applaud the bipartisan Senate agreement that is v consistent with his longheld view and lay out his vision for immig reform” (Dan Pfeiffer)
  • “WH insists POTUS is NOT laying out differences w/Sen Gang of 8 on immigration during NV speech.” (Chuck Todd)
  • In fact, it’s willing to let Congress take the lead on this one. (The Hill)
  • Even the House may have a bipartisan group working on immigration. Yes, the House. Yes, the House of Representatives. Yes, our House of Representatives. (Buzzfeed)
  • Why is Lindsey Graham criticizing Obama on immigration? “To show that these GOPers aren’t in bed with the WH on this issue.” (Mark Murray)
  • Also the Gang of 8 senators who put this deal together? More of a Gang of 7, now that the group’s – and the Senate’s – most conservative member isn’t supporting the deal. (The Washington Post)
  • Most everyone’s in a bipartisan love-fest now. But one of the big debates coming is a) how many immigrants we allow per year and b) how we partition a finite number of visas between a seemingly infinite number of asylum seekers, agricultural workers and high-skill set types. (The Agenda)
  • Still not clear what’s in the plan because, hey, you’re busy and you work for a living? Here it is in bullet-format. (Roll Call)

And in other news …

  • The White House may win many concessions in its gun control fight, but a ban on assault weapons may not be one of them. (The Fix)
  • The Islamic groups fleeing Timbuktu torched its libraries, destroying an unknown number of books dating back to at least the 11th Century. (Esquire)
  • Welcome, the first Hillary Clinton Super PAC (The Week)