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Do these conservative male pundits enjoy being spanked in public?

We’re not suggesting they do. We’re just asking the question.
Do some of FOX's pundits like it rough?
Do some of FOX's pundits like it rough?

We’re not suggesting they do. We’re just asking the question.

Erick Erickson, Lou Dobbs, Eric Bolling and more seem to be reveling in the notoriety caused by their reaction to Pew Research’s new data on breadwinner moms.

The survey says the number of moms who are the family breadwinners has almost quadrupled to 40% since 1960; also, severe income disparity exists between married and single moms.

Naturally, the FOX guys linked that to the rise of divorce, a (wildly incorrect) increase in abortions and, well, just manly manliness in general.

So — public persons say incredibly stupid public thing and pay a public price. We know that song; happens all the time. Yet their reaction to the reaction to their reaction (got that?) makes you wonder if, maybe, these men like getting whipped by women.

FOX News’ own Greta Van Susteren has hit back at her male colleagues—“next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote”—and daytime anchor Megyn Kelly hammered Dobbs and Erickson this afternoon, opening her segment with the question: “What makes you dominant and me submissive—and who died and made you scientist-in-chief?”

And yet both men have doubled down on their misogyny. Dobbs mockingly referred to Kelly as “Oh, Dominant One” after complaining that she had interrupted him, while Erickson, in a blog post titled “The Truth May Hurt, But Is Not Mean,” writes:

“Many feminist and emo lefties have their panties in a wad over my statements.”

“Panties,” “dominants” and “submissives.” With that kind of talk, it’s only fair ask: Do male conservative TV pundits enjoy it when women whip and spank them for doing things that are naughty? Do they like it rough?

Again, FOX-style, no one is suggesting they do: We’re just asking the question.