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Colbert gives Edan Lepucki's novel a step up

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A few weeks ago, Edan Lepucki was a new writer hoping to sell 12,000 copies of her first book, "California," a dystopian novel set in a future where global warming, an oil crisis, and drugs have left America in anarchic ruin. 

Cue Stephen Colbert, who began attacking Amazon for discouraging customers from buying books from his publisher Hachette Book Group, and decided to start promoting Lepucki’s book "California" without Amazon’s help. “We are going to prove I can sell more books than Amazon," Stephen Colbert said last month on The Colbert Report.

Since Colbert began promoting California on air and via Twitter, Lepucki's novel saw a sky rocket in pre-order sales to 10,000 copies prior to hitting shelves on July 8. “Of course, because of the Colbert thing everything is magnified,” Lepucki told Berkeleyside on Tuesday. “All of a sudden you have strangers, a lot of people, reading your work. It’s wonderful and amazing, but there’s an intensity to it.”

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