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6 awesome podcasts to celebrate Women's History Month

From “The History Chicks” to “Stuff Mom Never Told You,” here are some picks to honor just a few remarkable women who have helped propel us forward.

Women are making history all around us — every single day. And in honor of Women’s History Month, we asked JJ Ramberg, co-founder of podcast discovery app Goodpods, to put together a podcast playlist to celebrate a few remarkable women who have made history and helped propel us forward.

Check out Ramberg’s picks below. You can find and listen to this whole list here.

The History Chicks: Jane Addams (2:25 min)

If you’ve got a long car ride up ahead, this episode goes into a deep dive into the life of Jane Addams, known as the “Mother of Social Work,” who went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Hosts Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider take turns telling the story while throwing in their perspective along the way.

American Innovations: The Birth Control Pill. But Can It Be Done? (44 minutes)

Creating a birth control pill was a dream of Margaret Sanger’s. She had dedicated her life to legalizing birth control (knowingly breaking the law along the way). In her 70’s, after accomplishing so much, she still wanted to find a “magic pill” that could be used as a contraceptive. This episode chronicles how Sanger turned this idea into a reality.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi : Ask Farnoosh: How Women Can Plan and Build Financial Resilience (28min)

Farnoosh talks all things money in this podcast and in honor of Women’s History Month, she dedicated this episode to important themes and financial decisions that touch all our lives.

What’s Her Name: The Exile Stefania Turkevych (34 min)

As our eyes are on Ukraine right now, this episode tells the story of that country’s first female classical composer. In 1946, she fled her home to Austria when her works were banned by the USSR. Guest Dr. Erica Glenn who has been researching Turkevych introduces us to the work and life of this artist.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Women Around the World: Emtithal Mahmoud (12 min)

This easy to listen to episode introduces you to Emitithal Mahmoud, the Sudanese activist poet from Sudan and World Poetry Slam Champion. She uses her passion for words and great talent to raise awareness about refugees around the world.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: Madame C.J. Walker (20 min)

This is a perfect bedtime podcast for old and young alike. If you don’t know Madam C.J. Walker’s story, this is a must-listen. The first in her family to be born free, she went from working in the cotton fields as a child to becoming the first self-made female millionaire in the country after she created a hair care company for African American women.