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In the Know: Women in the news 8/5-8/9

A weekly roundup of women in the news.
Image: woman reading newspaper
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U.S. women are outpacing men in higher education

Women are working hard to close the gender wage gap, but there is one milestone they don’t have to worry about: trailing behind academically. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2017 reveals that women are obtaining a college education and advanced degrees at a higher rate than men.

Employment trends: 20 jobs that have become dominated by women

These 20 jobs across various industries are dominated by women, yet they do not earn more than their male counterparts. In the last 16 years, the pay gap between women and men has narrowed from 73 cents for every dollar a man earns to 80 cents on the dollar. However, aside from a few exceptions, considerable steps have been taken by employers to establish a culture of inclusivity and career advancement for all employees regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or disability.

How women can trim the retirement savings gap

Women who have taken time to care for others suffer in retirement while men do not, a new study shows. Caring for others creates a financial burden for women. Here are the steps women can take to bolster their savings if they must leave the workplace to care for a dependant.

Forget the 'glass ceiling.' Women of color face a 'concrete ceiling'

In the last year alone, the number of female CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies has dropped by more than 20 percent. Further, Ilene Lang, interim president and CEO of Catalyst, tells CNN Money that while white women contend with the proverbial “glass ceiling,” women of color must face a “concrete ceiling.” She argues that women of color can push back on the wider pay gap by forming their own networking groups.

Women more likely to survive a heart attack with female doctors

In the U.S., heart attacks are the leading killer of women and men across all socioeconomic groups. Women tend to have worse outcomes from heart attacks than men, but a new study shows that women have higher survival rates when treated by female physicians than they do with male physicians. The reasons, while not completely known, are outlined by Brad Greenwood.

Women poised to take charge in Dem majority

There is a chance for women to achieve an important milestone if Democrats win the House in November: 35 women could lead committees and subcommittees in the next Congress. Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s a tremendous achievement for women in politics. Democrats look to make 2018 the Year of the Woman, similar to the successes of 1992, when female Senators were on the rise.

7 success tips for women in tough businesses

Here are a few tips to help women navigate the harsh waters of tough business. Randa Hakim, a Senior Program Manager at GE, works in construction and shares her experience and lessons learned in a male-dominated environment.