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In the Know: Women in the news 8/27 - 8/30

A weekly roundup of women in the news.
Image: woman reading newspaper
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Women should stop volunteering for 'non-promotable' tasks at work, report says

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review found that women tend to volunteer for assignments that benefit their company but have very little impact on their own advancement at an organization. Women are more likely to take on “non-promotable” tasks when compared to their male counterparts.

Stephen Curry doesn't want just 'fathers of daughters' to care about gender equality

On Women’s Equality Day, Golden State Warrior’s player Stephen Curry penned an essay describing how he is raising his son and two daughters. Emphasizing that he wants more than just fathers of daughters to care about gender equality, Curry’s emotional and heartfelt essay was widely circulated online.

This survey shows why there's never been a better time for women to ...

A recent survey suggests that women might perform well in the midterm elections. On a wide number of issues, the survey showed that voters consider women “either equally as qualified as men or better able to handle the demands of political office — even on traditionally ‘masculine’ issues such as law enforcement and foreign affairs.”

Why women stay out of the spotlight at work

Harvard Business Review explores why women are more likely to stay out of the spotlight at work. A fear of backlash, a concern over authenticity and parenthood pressures all contribute to this issue.

Nearly all Native American women in Seattle have been raped

A shocking and disturbing study recently released by the Urban Indian Health Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that 94 percent of Native American women in Seattle have reported being raped or coerced into sex. The study had been kept under wraps since 2010.

Posters suggesting that women can drink while pregnant stir backlash

An advertisement distributed to medical facilities in Australia stated, “It’s not known if alcohol is safe to drink when you are pregnant.” The ads were met with widespread criticism from public health groups.

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