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In the Know: Women in the news 7/29-8/2

A weekly round-up of women in the news.
Image: woman reading newspaper
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10 tips for improving gender inclusivity on your team

Hiring a diverse group of employees is an important part of battling gender biases, but aligning your team’s workplace mentality is equally, if not more important. Here are a few tips to ensure your employees uphold a mentality of inclusivity and positive reinforcement.

How technology is helping close the gender gap and empower women

It might take another 100 years to close the global gender pay gap, but technology is connecting citizens from around the world to lead the march toward equal pay. Women and girls can now access empowerment networks, work opportunities and classes through these technological breakthroughs. Find out how this $12 trillion market is opening doors to opportunity.

Intentional invisibility: Why many women prefer to avoid the spotlight at work

It is important to be visible at work, but women often face the challenge of it backfiring on them. Some tend to avoid conflict and are risk-averse in the workplace, but how do we tackle this problem? Change the workplace mentality and the rest should follow.

Despite diversity push, women and minorities aren't getting better ...

The need for women to hold more leadership roles and obtain equal pay is heard across all kinds of channels around the world. One of the most influential channels – Hollywood – still trails behind. It is no surprise that Hollywood influences trends and young minds, but it is time for Tinseltown to catch up to the movement.

To keep women from dying in childbirth, look to California

California is home to one out of every eight children born in the U.S. Not surprisingly, the Golden State is leading the charge in saving women’s lives during childbirth. One in three babies are born via C-section, but women are more likely to develop complications if they have this procedure multiple times. The state of California has made it a priority to educate medical staff and expectant parents on the possible complications of having too many C-sections – and saving lives as a result.

#PayBlackWomen illuminates the disgraceful pay wage gap ...

The pay gap between men and women is evident, but there is also a disparity between white women and women of color. Many are speaking out about the unfair pay and treatment at work while harnessing the power of social media to spread their message.