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In the know: Women in the news 12/8-12/14

A weekly roundup of women in the news
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Time’s Up has raised more money than any other GoFundMe campaign in history

GoFundMe announced that Time’s Up, the legal defense fund for victims of workplace sexual misconduct, raised more money than any other campaign this year. The fund brought in more than $22 million since it was launched in December 2017. “Throughout the year, we saw people respond to the news and come together to stand up for women’s rights and fight sexual harassment and violence against women,” GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon said in a statement. “From friends supporting each other in local communities to women on the national stage, such as Dr. Ford, we saw people engage, find community and turn compassion into action.”

Women’s breast cancer risk increases after childbirth, study suggests

Women who recently gave birth may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study by the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. The study found the risk for breast cancer was highest about five years after having a baby for women 55 years old and younger. The study also showed that the risk for those mothers was 8 percent higher than women who did not give birth. “This is one piece of evidence that can be considered for building new prediction models ... We want women and their doctors not to assume that recently having a child is always protective for breast cancer,” said Hazel Nichols, a member of the research group involved in the study.

Construction company rolls out first inclusive ‘at work’ signs

Plaza Construction, a Manhattan-based construction company, has released a series of gender-neutral “Men and Women at Work” signs. CEO Richard Wood told the New York Post that the company began placing the new signs at their job sites on Sept. 4 in order to “encourage women to enter the industry by creating a gender-neutral workplace environment.” The signs are currently posted at more than 30 construction sites in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Miami and Tampa.

A new study reports that movies led by women earn more than those led by men

Movies that feature female leads perform better at the box office compared to films starring men, according to a new study by Creative Artists Agency. The 350-top grossing movies released between 2014 and 2017 were considered in the analysis. “It’s great to see a growing body of data that should make it easier for executives to make more inclusive decisions,” said Producer Liz Chasin, who spearheaded the study.

Top moments at the Know Your Value event in San Francisco

Nearly 600 women gathered in San Francisco on Dec. 1 for Mika’s Brzezinski’s Know Your Value conference. Speakers included Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, body language expert Janine Driver and more. The women addressed important topics such as careers, negotiation, networking, wage inequality, mental health, building confidence and how to realize their true value. “I know it isn’t easy to recognize your true worth and use it to your advantage every day,” said Brzezinski, recounting what she told the crowd. “I gave the audience my own tips: Stop apologizing. Keep notes on your successes. Dress for your message. Be in the moment. And above all, value yourself every single day.”