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In the Know: Women in the news 10/4 - 10/11

A weekly roundup of women in the news.
Image: woman reading newspaper
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Callie Brownson is Division I college football's first full-time female coach

Dartmouth College has hired Callie Browson as their offensive quality control coach, making her the first Division I college full-time female coach. A former player for the Women's Football Alliance for the D.C. Divas, Browson hopes that this historic moment will inspire other women to believe they have a place in football.

How feminist dystopian fiction is channeling women’s anger and anxiety

There is an increase of female-driven dystopian fiction currently hitting bookshelves. These futuristic works raise difficult questions about gender inequality, misogyny and violence against women. They tackle the erosion of reproductive rights and the frustrations many women are feeling in America regarding the potentially extreme consequences of institutionalized sexism.

Is Trump driving women away from the GOP for good?

The Pew Research Center is reporting that 63 percent of women disapprove of how President Donald Trump is doing his job — compared with 30 percent who approve. This has given rise to more Independent and Democratic women running for office, but what about Republican women?

Women in STEM on what it's like working in a male dominated industry

Even though more women than ever before are pursuing science in higher education and graduating with advanced degrees in STEM fields, they represent just 29 percent of the world’s researchers. In honor of International Day of the Girl, Australia’s SBS News highlights young, female computer scientists and mathematicians from across the world.

3 ways to help women rise on International Day of the Girl

From practicing mentorship to supporting metrics for accountability, Shelley Zalis, CEO of the Female Quotient, shares various ways that everyone can help support and advocate for the world’s 1.1 billion girls on International Day of the Girl.

22 celebrity quotes about mental health from women who are helping to break stigma

Read the inspiring words and experiences from stars like Kerry Washington and Lady Gaga, who have spoken out to increase awareness and education about mental health in America.

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