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In the know: Women in the news 1/6 - 1/10

Know Your Value's weekly roundup of women in the news.
Image: Michelle Williams America Ferrera Meghan Markle
Getty Images; Reuters

How men can help women advance in the workplace

Businesses thrive when both genders are represented at the top of their companies, according to studies. But in order for women to achieve parity, men need to help women succeed in their careers, according to Forbes contributor and leadership professor Susan Madsen. She recommended that men fight gender discrimination in the workplace, recognize women’s contributions in public and private settings, provide honest feedback and refine human resources processes and procedures.

States weigh measures to stop transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports

In the past few weeks, at least five states have drafted legislation to regulate transgender participation in girl's and boy’s high school sports. Republican legislatures in New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri have drafted bills primarily to bar transgendered students from playing on girls teams, citing physical unfairness. The bill in New Hampshire says that students can prove they are female by submitting proof of their female anatomy, testosterone levels and sex chromosomes.

Fired at 40, comeback at 54, how Ellen Latham built fitness giant Orange Theory

At age 40, Ellen Latham had a dream job as an exercise physiologist at a high-end spa. She appeared on TV frequently as a fitness expert. Then one day, she was fired. She was a single mom and had no idea what to do next. Fourteen years later, she became the founder of Orangetheory Fitness, a $1 billion franchise with 1,200 studios around the globe. Know Your Value interviewed Latham to learn about her drive, her comprehensive workout, and the new documentary “Momentum Shift,” which chronicles the rise of Orangetheory.

Raising my sensitive child was hell. Here’s how we both survived her SPD, anxiety, and ADHD

There is hope for parents who are raising special needs children and having a difficult time. That’s the message from mother Jo Lomeo-Allen, who wrote a heartrending essay about raising her daughter who has ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Lomeo-Allen detailed her quest for diagnoses and treatment as her daughter threw hours-long tantrums over small things, such as a Cheerio dropping on the floor. Lomeo-Allen offered hope to parents and detailed her daughter’s road to stability.

Michelle Williams tells women at Golden Globes to vote in their self-interest, like men

Actress Michelle Williams didn’t miss a chance to send a message during her Golden Globes acceptance speech Sunday. After accepting the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Television Movie for her role in “Fosse/Verdon,” Williams encouraged women to vote in their own self-interest. “So women, 18 to 118, when it is time to vote, please do so in your own self interest," Williams said. "It's what men have been doing for years… which is why the world looks so much like them. Don't forget we are the largest voting body in this country. Let's make it look more like us."

Image: Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams accepts the award for best actress in a limited series or TV movie for her role in "Fosse/Verdon" at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Jan. 5, 2020.Paul Drinkwater / NBC via AP

How to stop stress-eating your way through the 2020 election

The upcoming election is a stress trigger for 56 percent of American adults, according to the American Psychological Association. Many of these adults overeat in order to cope with their stress. Clinical psychologists recommend that stress eaters take “me time” and limit their access to media. They suggest deep breathing, being social, and going for fruit instead of high-fat products.

All the celebrities who announced they’re expecting babies this year

Cameron Diaz, 47, announced the birth of her daughter Raddix on Friday. Other celebrities are following suit and announcing 2020 due dates, including actresses America Ferrera, Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams, according to Glamour. Others include U.S. Women’s Soccer star Alex Morgan, actress Anne Hathaway, Laura Prepon from “Orange is the New Black,” and supermodel Petra Němcová.

Black Britons know why Meghan Markle wants out

In the wake of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s historic exit from the British royal family, Markle was called “selfish” and “rogue” by British press. However, writer Afua Hirsch argued that it was racism that pushed Markle and Prince Harry out of Buckingham Palace. Markle was the subject of extreme, unfair vitriol, which Hirsch believes is rooted in Britain’s history of class privilege, and the rising right-wing politics in the country.