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Janine Driver's healthy road to 50

Janine Driver shares her health journey with Mika Brzezinski.
Image: Weight scale
Feet standing on weight scaleiStockphoto via Getty Images

No two health and wellness journeys look the same, but they all have one important thing in common: a beginning. For Janine Driver, body language expert and former ATF investigator, the road to exercising and eating better began unexpectedly. It all started when her oldest son, Angus, asked an embarrassing question during breakfast one day.

“He goes, ‘Mom, why don’t you have a chin? Dad has a chin… I have a chin. You don’t have a chin,’” Driver recalled in a recent interview with “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski. “That was the catalyst.”

It was her son’s innocent yet brutally honest observation that motivated Driver to set a goal for herself: lose 100 pounds by June 10, 2020 -- her 50th birthday. And while she still has over two years to hit her mark, Driver is already well on her way. Since September, she has lost an impressive 72 pounds and dropped from a size 24 to a size 14.

How, you ask? By cutting out one of her chief antagonists: sugar.

“I think sugar is an [expletive],” Driver joked. “I’m a total sugar addict.”

All jokes aside, Driver concedes that her relationship with sugar fueled some of her most unhealthy habits. For instance, she reveals how she used to go to the grocery store, buy a coconut custard pie, and eat the entire thing with her hands while sitting in the car.

But once she decided to rid her diet of sugar, Driver says “the weight just started peeling off.”

And it wasn’t just her body that felt the effects.

“It’s changed my confidence,” Driver said. “I feel better about myself, I feel sexier, and I am talking to people that I might not have spoken to before.”

She says she’s even developed a new breakfast ritual with her son: “Every morning I say, ‘Good morning, Angus. Do you see my chin?’”