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In the know: Women in the news 8/19-8/23

Know Your Value’s weekly roundup of women in the news.
Image: Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama.
Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama.Getty Images

The 10 fastest growing jobs for women in the U.S.

CNBC highlighted 10 jobs that saw the greatest increases in women employees from 2014 to 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.The top five include: taxi drivers and chauffers (thanks to Uber and Lyft), construction laborers, industrial engineers (including health and safety), couriers and messengers, and veterinarians. Women still make up a minority of these jobs, however. For example female construction workers only comprise 8 percent of the field’s workforce, despite growth.

5 crucial steps companies should take on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and beyond

With Black Women’s Equal Pay Day coming up on August 22, Know Your Value spoke to experts about how companies can close the alarming wage gap. Black women currently make 61 cents to every dollar that white men earn. Dartmouth professor Ella Bell and Jasmine Tucker, director for National Women’s Law Center, shared ways that companies can step up, including better paid maternity leave policies and pay transparency among employees.

Women look to 2020 to break the National Security glass ceiling

U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Policy Michèle Flournoy is leading the charge when it comes to bringing women into the Defense Department. However, she lamented to Foreign Policy that women don’t occupy enough high-ranking positions. Flournoy is an honorary member of the Leadership Council for Women in National Security, which challenged all 2020 presidential candidates to achieve parity in national security posts, if elected. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and 12 more candidates have accepted the challenge.

Women-only STEM college programs under attack for male discrimination

The U.S. Department of Education opened more than two dozen investigations into women-only STEM programs at universities including Yale, Princeton, and UCLA. A study conducted by the predominantly male non-profit Stop Abusive and Violent Environments found that women-only STEM programs have an outsized benefit for women only, which is ostensibly a violation of men’s Title IX rights.

Exercise may boost mood for women with depression. A coach can help.

For years we have known that exercise is correlated to a reduction in depression symptoms, but we didn’t know why. According to a new study, endocannibanoids, which are self-produced psychoactive substances similar to those in marijiuana, are activated in the brain after exercise. On the study’s experiments with women, endocannibanoids were activated particularly when women exercised a little out of their comfort zones, leading to conclusions that supervised incremental coaching can reduce depression symptoms over time.

Thirdlove: A rare tech company where women dominate

Typically, Artificial Intelligence research teams are overwhelmingly white and male. The progressive bra retailer Thirdlove, however, boasts an 85 percent female Artificial Intelligence group, which is charged with developing algorithms based on Thirdlove Internet shopper behavior. Thirdlove employee culture leans heavily on sponsorship, mentorship and mom-friendly meeting hours. Tess Posner, director of the non-profit AI4all, said there is a huge gender disparity crisis in Artificial Intelligence that’s “worse than the rest of tech,” making Thirdlove an outlier.

New polls show Donald Trump is in trouble with women voters

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey showed 63 percent of college-educated white women and 49 percent of non-college-educated white women will definitely or probably vote for the Democratic nominee over President Donald J. Trump in 2020. Analysts say Trump is dependent on the white vote for a win. Among all women registered to vote, 62 percent in the survey opted for the Democratic candidate while just 30 percent selected Trump. The Hispanic and black voter base is growing, tipping the scales in favor of Democrats.

Susan Sarandon threw shade at Elizabeth Warren during a Bernie Sanders rally

At a Bernie Sanders presidential candidate rally on Monday, award-winning actress Susan Sarandon said on stage: “He is not someone who used to be a Republican.” This was interpreted as a jab against candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was a registered Republican until 1996. Sarandon stirred controversy during the 2016 elections when she announced public support for independent candidate Jill Stein, whose campaign has been blamed by Democrats for handing Donald J. Trump the election.

Barack & Michelle Obama open up about first Netflix project: 'We're part of this larger thing'

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are making waves with their first Netflix project,"American Factory," a documentary on post-industrial Ohi. It's their first project from their Higher Ground production company. The couple says they hope their first film will help viewers“get outside of themselves.”