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Updated 4 years ago
Out of Office

How millennials can best develop their personal brands

The editor in-chief of Instyle says to focus on “highlighting your Individual voice" and "keeping things natural."
Laura Brown, editor-in-chief of Instyle, speaks at the Know Your Value conference in New York City on Oct. 30.
Laura Brown, editor-in-chief of Instyle, speaks at the Know Your Value conference in New York City on Oct. 30.Anthony Scutro/Miller Hawkins

Branding yourself at work has never been more difficult. Everything from your presence on social media to the attitude you bring to your job becomes an extension of your brand.

Laura Brown, editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine, makes managing her own brand, in addition to one of the most successful fashion media brands in the world, look easy. Not only does she oversee all of InStyle and its digital initiatives, but she also has her own biweekly video series, “Dirty Laundry.”

She recently took the stage at the Know Your Value conference in New York City and shared her advice. Laura said she has always focused on “highlighting your individual voice, keeping things natural, not underestimating yourself and letting your inner 8-year-old be your guide.”

I caught up with Laura backstage and asked her about how millennials can best develop their personal brands. Below are a few of her tips.

Don’t be above getting the lunch

Laura says it’s the little things that can get you noticed in a big way. It’s the intern that gets her lunch when she’s too busy to leave her desk that gets the most face time, and that’s important. “She’s my go-to. If I were to have a job come up at InStyle, she’d be the first person I’d call,” she told me.

Not everything is a social media moment

Many millennials are obsessed with social media. But Laura stresses that we should resist the urge to constantly seek validation from it. “Not everything is done for likes,” she advised. And your co-workers may not be amused.

Of course, social media has a number of benefits; the key is to not overdo it. “Step back and take a breath!” Laura urged.

If you follow Laura on social media, you’ll understand why she has over 160,000 followers on her Instagram alone. Whether it’s branding herself at work or on Instagram, she follows the same advice she gave the audience at the conference.

“Underthink it and just be yourself,” she said. “For better or for worse, I’ve never pretended to be someone else.”

Take the meeting

And finally, Laura really believes in “taking the opportunities you’re given.” It’s something that always worked for her — especially in her 20s as she traveled from Australia to New York in hopes of growing her career.

Part of her success was a result of meeting new people and taking every opportunity that came her way. Laura noted on stage, “Your relationships determine your success at the end of the day."

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