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9 kitchen tools nutritionists swear by to make healthy eating a breeze

You can make healthy eating as easy as possible by stocking your kitchen with handy gadgets like these.

It can be hard to eat healthy, but without a well-equipped kitchen, it can sometimes feel downright impossible. Luckily, there are several gadgets that make preparing healthy food super simple and even fun. Know Your Value spoke with registered dietitians and nutritionists to find out what tools they keep in their own kitchens to make healthy eating convenient.

Check out their top picks below!

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New York City-based registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist Jackie Topol recommended having this steamer on hand. “It steams vegetables and seafood in minutes right in your microwave,” explains Topol. Bonus: “The case is made from BPA-free medical-grade silicone,” she said.

Topol calls this 12-cup food processor a “kitchen essential.” She advised her clients to use it to make “anything from dips to shredded veggies to healthy desserts.”

Soups are a good way to squeeze lots of veggies into one meal. Topol recommended using an immersion blender like this one to make “deliciously smooth soups.”

Another favorite is the Instant pot. “Make healthy meals in a flash without having to babysit your food while it's cooking,” says Topol.

Maya Feller is a registered dietitian and nutritionist who works with patients who need help with weight management. She recommended this cast iron pan, which she calls her “all-time favorite.” “This multi-use pan can make veggies, animal proteins and skillet breads,” said Feller.

Feller recommended this salad spinner for both washing and storing leafy greens. “Wash a big batch at the beginning of the week and have greens at the ready days after,” said Feller.

Neda Varbanova is a certified culinary nutritionist who runs the blog Healthy with Nedi, which has lots of healthy recipes. She swears by this mandoline vegetable slicer. “It slices everything evenly and perfectly,” said Verbanova. “You can make a beautiful zucchini or beet carpaccio, thinly sliced cucumber salad, zucchini ravioli or my super green salad.”

Verbanova also loves this vegetable spiralizer to “make healthy dinners more exciting,” and suggests that people “get creative with zucchini, carrot, rutabaga, or squash noodles.”

Serena Poon is a chef and nutritionist to several Hollywood stars. She recommended a Vitamix blender, which she considers her “go-to kitchen staple.” “I literally use it on a daily basis,” said Poon. “You can make everything from smoothies, juices, sauces, vinaigrettes and soups, to nut butters, flour and healthy ice cream.”