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11 perfect gifts for the Know Your Value woman

Looking for a last minute gift that gives inspiration or confidence? Know Your Value has got you covered.
Woman in front of Christmas tree holding present.
Woman in front of fireplace holding Christmas present.Halfpoint / Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Know Your Value community embraces female empowerment by helping women recognize their self-worth and get what they deserve. We bring each other up and help lay the groundwork to navigate the best path forward. Naturally, our community also delights in giving—and there’s no better time to do so than during the holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your coworker, friend, sister or mother, the staff at Know Your Value has got you covered. We tapped our team for their best gift ideas—products that they themselves have come to know and love. They range from inspirational and confidence-boosting, to relaxing and practical. In some cases, they’re simply items that help make work or home life a little bit easier.

Know Your Value editors, writers and experts take care to recommend items we really like and hope you’ll enjoy! Just so you know, Know Your Value does have affiliate relationships. So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue.

1. TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow, $149 on Amazon

Get this … for those who want to feel well-rested

Why we love it: This pillow is super supportive, and with cooling gel on both sides, conforms to you as you sleep. It promises to stand the test of time by holding its shape for many years, and it comes with a soft, removable cotton cover.

2. Anker PowerCore 10000 Power Bank, $31.99 on Amazon

Get this … for the woman who is always multi-tasking on her phone

Why we love it: Busy women on the go might not always have a super charged phone—but this lightweight, compact power bank will ensure a longer lasting battery. It provides almost three-and-a-half iPhone 8 charges before needing to be recharged itself.

3. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap, $297.95 on Amazon

Get this … for the busy, yet stylish executive on the move

Why we love it: This cashmere travel wrap is both stylish and functional. It’s versatile, soft and warm, which makes it perfect for daily commutes, business trips and traversing the city for meetings. It comes in several colors, including black, charcoal, claret and misty grey.

4. CHI Ceramic Flat Iron, $109.99 on Amazon

Get this … for the lady who loves a good hair day

Why we love it: This flat iron is fantastic when it comes to leaving your hair shiny and silky. Not only can it help to boost your self-confidence (hello, good hair day), but it’s a trustworthy tool that many women swear by.

5. Tumi- Voyageur Mauren Laptop Tote, $295 on Amazon

Get this … for the laptop-lugging business woman

Why we love it: This bag can fit a laptop, tablets, cell phone and more. It’s lightweight yet strong and can be dry-cleaned. It can also slide on a suitcase handle for easier travels.

6. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15, $33.90 on Amazon

Get this … for the ladies that you love to see smile

Why we love it: This lip balm gives a healthy, hydrated look and doubles as sheer lipstick, which is perfect for quick applying while on the go.

7. AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set, $19.99 on Amazon

Get this… for the jetsetter

Why we love it: Keep your travel bags nicely organized with these simple, yet durable packing cubes. They truly simplify the art of packing and keep everything in tact when getting from one destination to the next.

8. 3D Printing Moon Lamp, $17.99 on Amazon

Get this … for the woman who needs a little zen in her life

Why we love it: This lamp uses 3D printing technology to create a texture that’s similar to the moon. It makes for a unique nightlight or reading lamp, and has a deep, calming effect.

9. “Becoming,” by Michelle Obama, $18.38 on Amazon

Get this … for anyone seeking inspiration

Why we love it: The former first lady’s beautiful memoir recounts her family’s journey from the Jim Crow South to living in a rental duplex in Chicago’s South Side. She takes readers from her own journey commuting three hours to attend a magnet high school, to walking the halls of Princeton and Harvard, to life in the White House. She writes candidly about her upbringing, how she found her voice and her role as a mother, all while divulging some of the major turning points and challenges in her life.

10. Bullet Journal, $27.99 on Amazon

Get this ... for the woman who loves to put pen to paper

Why we love it: The hardcover journal comes with pens and colorful washi tape, allowing the owner to show off her creativity while also staying organized and on top of her to-do lists.

11. "Know Your Value,” by Mika Brzezinski, $13.99 on Amazon

Get this … for the women in your life who deserve to have it all

Why we love it: The re-release of Mika Brzezinski’s “Know Your Value” offers a fresh take on advice for getting what you’re worth as a woman during the era of the #MeToo movement and in today’s politically challenging times. From tips on salary negotiation to finding your unique voice, the book is a must-have for any woman in search of getting what she deserves.