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11 amazing items to make life easier — created by and for working moms

These working moms set out to solve specific issues, and their products are equally impressive as their creativity and initiative.

No one understands the preparation, sweat and tenacity that goes into being a working mom like, well, like working moms. That’s why we’re featuring products created by amazing mothers who are trying to make life easier for women like themselves navigating both their careers and family life.

These women set out to solve specific issues, and their products are equally impressive as their creativity and initiative.

Pallavi Golla Patil, the founder of Lark Adventurewear, explained that she was able to find tons of gadgets and gear for infants, but when it came to clothing, her only options were the “thick cotton onesies and polyester footies” that she had worn as a child. Patil decided to create the clothing she wished existed. “My 4-month-old would get sticky and sweaty in car seats and strollers, not to mention at night in sleep sacks,” says Patil. “I just couldn't find baby clothes to address my own issue, and as I talked to more parents [I realized] they had the same problems.” So Patil created a bamboo knit fabric that’s exclusive to her line. It’s durable, it’s cool and most importantly, it’s comfortable and long-lasting.

Like all of Patil’s clothing items, this onesie is made out of bamboo knit that helps keep your child’s temperature regulated. It’s also super easy to wash.

After struggling to get her child to sleep, Ann Weiss, along with her husband, created the Hatch baby monitor that also acts as a night light and sound machine. It can stay on all night and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. It’s compact enough to easily pack and could be taken on work trips so you have your own white noise machine.

Just because you’re sleep deprived doesn’t mean you have to look like it. This facial leaves your face feeling super soft and helps to clear up any mild breakouts thanks to glycolic acids. This entire line was created by Tiffany Masterson, a mom who initially started selling the products as her side hustle. They’re now some of the top-selling items at Sephora.

Sonnet James Dress, $138 at Sonnet James

Sonnet James dresses are incredibly comfortable and can survive wash after wash while still looking great. The line was created by a mom who wanted to look professional during (and after!) her pregnancies without feeling restricted. Mission accomplished.

This bag is pricey, but it’s made of Italian leather that’s entirely waterproof. It was created by mom Coral Chung, who had busy women, like herself, in mind. It’s the perfect big gift for yourself or your own mom. It also comes in bigger sizes if you’re looking for something roomier to carry from school drop-off to the office.

Live Tinted Hue Stick, $24 on

This product may look like a regular lipstick, but it’s really the ultimate multitasker. It can be used as a color corrector for under eye circles, as a blush on the cheeks or as a lip tint with super buildable coverage. It’s an amazing beauty product for working moms.

These flats feel like house slippers but look like sophisticated, sleek loafers that are great for any office. They were created by two working moms who set out to make shoes that are as comfortable as they are cute.

Kick back and relax with this Rewind candle. Made from recycled wine bottles, this one contains notes of rose petal, white peach and pink peppercorns.

Not only are these wines delicious, they come in a box with red, white and rose blends that you can have delivered directly to your house. It’s the easiest way to pour some relaxation into your life.

Leave it to a mom to create the cutest, most functional diaper bag. This bag has 10 pockets and can be worn three different ways depending on how you’re feeling that day.

Health coach Melissa Evans created these pops as an all-natural alternative to cough drops and lozenges. They come in lollipop form so you don’t have to worry about convincing your kids to take them, and they taste great. Honestly, you’ll love them just as much as your kids.

The Tady baby carrier can be folded down into a tiny purse, carried as a diaper bag or worn as a baby carrier. It was, of course, created by a mom whose child constantly demanded to be held.