Same-sex couple in Clinton ad: 'We didn't know it was for the launch!'

When Nathan Johnson and Jared Milrad sat down for an on camera interview three weeks ago in Chicago, they had no idea it would be for Hillary Clinton's first campaign video. 

"We didn't know it was for the launch!" Milrad  told José Díaz-Balart on Tuesday's Rundown.

Johnson added, "They asked us questions about how we got to know each other and what our plans were for getting married. That’s the footage they used for the campaign video."

The couple plan to get married this summer. “We’re just two people starting our lives, trying to find our way in the middle-class, pay back students loans, and deal with other issues so many Americans deal with," Milrad said.

The two also recently extended Hillary an invitation to their wedding, adding on msnbc that they've even included a "plus one" for the former secretary of state. 

During her first campaign for the White House, Clinton publicly opposed same-sex marriage; but now, her position, like the president's, has evolved

“The community should see the commitment that she has shown at the world stage, even as Secretary of State saying that gay rights are human rights,” Milrad said. “I think Hillary Clinton’s commitment on this issue is very strong and we’re proud to support her.”