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José answers your questions about Latinos and the midterms

José answered your questions about Latinos and the midterms. ICYMI here's a recap.
Host Jose Diaz-Balart on set.
Host Jose Diaz-Balart on set.

The number of eligible Latinos voters has grown to a record 25.2 million this year. And Senate races in six states – Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, and North Carolina – are so close that political control could come down to how many Latinos show up at the polls.

“Latinos are well-positioned to have an incredible influence in this year’s election, and in fact, we might decide who controls the Senate,” said Cristóbal Alex, President of the Latino Victory Project during a recent appearance on msnbc’s José Diaz Balart.

José hosted a Twitter chat answering some of your questions about Latinos and the 2014 midterms.

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