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Indiana House Speaker responds: 'Indiana does not discriminate'

“We’re simply going to fix the bill,” Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma said on msnbc Tuesday.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma joined msnbc Tuesday to respond to the controversy surrounding his state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act after celebrities and business leaders across the country have spoken out against the legislation.

“We got to bring this bill to a close in a positive way, reassuring everyone that Indiana doesn’t discriminate, Indianapolis doesn’t discriminate. [It] never has, and it won’t," Bosma told José Díaz-Balart on The Rundown

Bosma added that the bill has been mischaracterized since it was signed into law, and the bill doesn't allow discrimination. Nonetheless, Indiana lawmakers planned to "clarify" the legislation in order to put an end to any controversy.

Bosma said he expects a fix to the law within days. "It's time to quit defending it," he said. "Let's fix it and move on."

Watch the full conversation with Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma in the video player above.