Are some legal immigrants being denied driver's licenses?

As the ongoing battle over immigration continues, some immigrants in the U.S. who are documented have reportedly been denied driver’s licenses.

Immigration attorney Nelson Castillo explained on The Rundown Tuesday that immigrants protected under the Temporary Protective Status (TPS) obtain a work permit which allows them to get a social security number and, eventually, their driver’s license. The permit is automatically renewed by the government when it expires. 

But because there are so many people who remain in the country under TPS, it has become increasingly difficult to issue updated physical permits--causing some to even lose their jobs.

But Castillo notes that there are other ways to check an immigrant's TPS status besides a physical permit: the DMV, for example, can check the person's status through their own database, or through the Federal Register Notice.

Watch the full conversation with immigration attorney Nelson Castillo in the video player above.