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'Annie Undocumented' captures undocumented teen life

Daniel Hsia and Brian Yang discuss their new web series "Annie Undocumented," which tells the story of a girl who discovers as a teen that she's undocumented.

While partisanship has gripped the immigration debate on Capitol Hill, a new web series is hoping to give a human face to the political debate over undocumented youth in the United States.

Inspired by writer Elaine Low’s own life story, Annie Undocumented is a new web series that stars Chinese-American actress Nikki SooHoo as a teenager who discovers she’s not a legal American citizen when she attempts to get her driver’s license. Low eventually became a citizen after marrying her longterm boyfriend, but remembers well the struggles she faced for many years without legal status.

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Watch the conversation with director Daniel Hsia and producer Brian Yang in the video player above.