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Alabama couple: Marriage equality 'is a civil right'

José Díaz-Balart talks with Vicky Miles and Melissa Angle, an Alabama couple who have tried at least half a dozen times to obtain a marriage license, but were

Same-sex couples in Alabama who were expecting to get their marriage licenses starting Monday have had to wait as the state sorts out confusion after Chief Justice Roy S. Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court ordered the state’s probate judges to not issue licenses. According to the Human Rights Campaign, 44 of the 67 counties in Alabama are now issuing licenses. 

Vicky Miles and Melissa Angles were one of the first couples to get their request for a license denied following Moore’s order on Sunday night.

“We were there when the doors opened," Miles told José Díaz-Balart on Wednesday's Rundown. "Then, we go in and say that we would like to apply to get our marriage license. She tapped this little thing on the desk and said, well according to the ruling by Judge Roy Moore it’s not going to happen. It felt like being hit in the face with a sledge hammer. It was just devastating.”

The couple said they tried to apply for a marriage license six times before they finally received a call from the probate judge on Tuesday, saying they could get a license.

Miles and Angles will celebrate their wedding with a ceremony at the end of the month.

Watch the interview with Vicky Miles and Melissa Angles in the video player.