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Jansing & Co. Morning Memo: Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012

Good morning! Here's what's on today's agenda:
House Speaker John Boehner (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
House Speaker John Boehner

Good morning! Here's what's on today's agenda:"Boehner, House GOP leaders offer ‘fiscal cliff’ counterproposal" by Lori Montgomery, The Washington Post

"House GOP leaders endorsed a debt-reduction plan Monday that would raise tax collections by $800 billion over the next decade, but they refused to budge on higher tax rates for the wealthy, the central issue dividing Republicans and Democrats."

Tune in at 10:00 AM ET to hear from Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), msnbc Vice President and Executive Editor of Richard Wolffe and The Atlantic Senior Editor Garance Franke-Ruta.

"With women leaving Cabinet, advocates want even more top jobs" by Emily Heil, The Washington Post

"The National Association for Women is pressing for a full half of the Cabinet to be made up of women — just like the U.S. population generally. NOW President Terry O’Neill says there’s no reason why it can’t be done. 'Gone are the days when you really had to search high and low for qualified candidates,' she says."

NW President Terry O'Neill is here to discuss. 

"GOP Wonks: Boehner’s Hands Are Tied on the Fiscal Cliff" by Rich Galen, The Daily Beast

"There is a growing sense among Republican policy wonks and senior lobbyists that the chances of getting any kind of meaningful deal on the deficit between now and the end of the year are drifting toward zero.The two basic problems, they say: House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t have any arrows in his quiver, and President Obama’s negotiating skills are limited to his caving in or refusing to budge. No middle ground."

We'll talk with strategists Karen Finney and David Winston.

"Obama takes fiscal cliff case to Twitter" by Ali Weinberg, NBC News

"Bully pulpit, make way for the bully hashtag. In his latest social media push to get support for his fiscal cliff plan, President Barack Obama participated in a brief Twitter question-and-answer session, alternately defending his position on taxes and addressing concerns over losing favorite tax deductions in the course of fiscal cliff negotiations."

Associate Publisher and Co-Founder of Social Media Magazines Eric Yaverbaum will weigh in. 

And Chris's favorite story of the day: "Jenna Miller, BYU Student, Launches Puppies For Rent, Loans Pooches By The Hour" by Ron Dicker, Huffington Post

"BYU student Jenna Miller is conquering the dog-eat-dog business world by renting out puppies... The young dogs cost $15 for an hour, $25 for two hours and $10 for each hour after that, according to the station. The program gives students all the snuggles without the long-term commitment."