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Congress' unpopularity may clear the way for compromise

To say Congress is unpopular would be an understatement.

To say Congress is unpopular would be an understatement. A new Public Policy Polling survey finds people have a higher opinion of head lice, cockroaches, traffic jams and Donald Trump.

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who enjoys a 73% approval rating, says Republicans in Washington should follow the lead of Republican governors. "We're getting things done. And we're compromising where we need to, in places like my state where you have divided government. You gotta compromise and get things done. It's not a dirty word," said Christie on Morning Joe.

On Jansing & Co., David Winston, Republican strategist and former Senior Adviser to Speaker John Boehner, pointed out "It takes two to tango...what you're seeing here is this process of how do you resolve an election that gave you two differing types of people trying to negotiate, and how do they begin to resolve that".

Chris Kofinis, Democratic strategist and former Communications Director for the Edwards '08 campaign, blames a divided Republican party for the dysfunction. "They're drawing lines in the sand...we're not going to negotiate on this, maybe we need a partial shutdown on that. That is not conducive to a positive working relationship when you say things are completely off the table".

Winston countered Pres. Obama has been equally rigid in his approach on looming battles such as raising the debt ceiling.

On a brighter note for Congress, the Public Policy Polling survey finds lawmakers are still more popular than telemarketers, the Ebola virus, the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan.