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How To Win

How do you win an unprecedented election that could see a criminally indicted ex-president take on the current Commander in Chief? How do you win crucial down-ballot races that will ultimately shape the power dynamics for whoever wins the White House? And how do you win over voters – of ANY party -- when mistrust in leadership is at an all-time high? Claire McCaskill and Jennifer Palmieri, two of the most well-respected voices in American politics today, have some ideas.

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13d ago

A Playbook Full of Silver Linings

The long shadow cast from Florida’s six-week ban. And a conversation with Daria Dawson of America Votes, on engaging voters directly and locally in 2024.
21d ago

What’s Past is Prologue for Presidential Norms

Historian Michael Beschloss on how Trump’s challenges in the courtroom line up against a larger history of presidential legal woes.

Latest video from Claire & Jennifer

‘He’s exposed’: Donald Trump learns that there are some bills you cannot weasel out of

Andrew Weissmann, former top prosecutor at the Justice Department, Sue Craig, New York Times Investigative Reporter, and Claire McCaskill former Senator from Missouri join Michael Steele in for Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House to discuss Donald Trump and his lawyers telling a judge they don’t have the funds they need to post the bond in the NY Civil Fraud judgment made against him and his company and what it means for him an and his assets. 

Biden growing angry and anxious about re-election effort

Peter Alexander discusses NBC News reporting that President Biden has become increasingly frustrated about the state of his re-election campaign with Republican strategist Susan Del Percio, former Obama White House Press Secy. Robert Gibbs and former Obama White House Communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

Mika: What an incredible moment as Biden slams SCOTUS decision on Roe

President Biden during his State of the Union address slammed the Supreme Court's ruling on Roe vs. Wade. Mika Brzezinski and Jennifer Palmieri discuss Biden's remarks and how he contrasts with former President Trump on the issue of reproductive rights.

Claire McCaskill: I think Sen. Sinema’s legacy will be mixed

Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announced Tuesday that she will not run for re-election this year, leaving the Senate after one term that saw her paint Arizona blue, leave the Democratic Party and play a key role in numerous legislative negotiations in a tightly divided Senate. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
43d ago

Schiff’s big win sinks powerhouse progressives

NBC News projects Rep. Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey advance in the California Senate race for the November general election. Rachel Maddow, Fmr. Sen. Claire McCaskill and Jennifer Palmieri react to this major news that also leaves Reps. Barbara Lee and Katie Porter out of Congress.

Trump failure to consolidate Republican vote hints at 'ceiling' for general election

Former Senator Claire McCaskill and Jen Palmieri, Obama White House communications director, share their impressions of the Super Tuesday results and the role Nikki Haley continues to play both in the Republican primary and as a "heat sink" for anti-Trump voters.

‘Power above principal’: Democrat Senators react to Mitch McConnell's stepping down from leadership 

Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut, and Claire McCaskill, Former U.S. Senator from Missouri joins Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House with reaction to the news that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will step down from his position as leader of the Republican caucus, and the legacy he will leave the senate with which includes a far-right supreme court, more dark money in politics, and a far-right Republican party taken over by Donald Trump. 

Nicolle Wallace on Mitch McConnell: 'We have to live with his legacy for a long time'

Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut, and Claire McCaskill, Former U.S. Senator from Missouri joins Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House with reaction to the news that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will step down from his position as leader of the Republican caucus, and the damaging impact that his actions had on America’s court system both now and for decades to come. 
50d ago

'It's going to make a big difference' Jennifer Palmieri on how IVF will impact 2024

Katy Tur speaks with former White House Director of Communications and Co-host of the MSNBC podcast 'How To Win 2024', Jennifer Palmieri, on reproductive rights as a key 2024 campaign issue.

Buck on McConnell: There is a ‘new breed’ of Senators, who will look for a ‘Trump-like leader’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that he will be stepping down from leadership in November, saying that he plans to serve out his Senate term, which ends in January 2027. First elected to the Senate in 1985, McConnell is the longest serving Senate leader in history, saying “It’s time for the next generation of leadership.” Andrea Mitchell is joined by Brendan Buck, Garrett Haake, Barbara McQuade, and Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to weigh in on the news. “There has been a lot more sniping at him than you used to see. There are a new breed of senators, whether we're talking about Josh Hawley or J.D. Vance or even Senator Lee from Utah, who had been pretty openly critical of his leadership of late and it feels like while his health is also clearly an issue, he probably recognizes that there are, there's a new type of Senator and they're probably looking for a more Trump-like leader,” Brendan Buck tells Andrea. “I think that's going to be a fascinating dynamic. Whoever comes in next.”

Manhattan DA seeking gag order against Donald Trump ahead of hush money trial

Andrew Weissmann, former top prosecutor at the Department of Justice, Claire McCaskill, former U.S. Senator from Missouri, and Lisa Rubin, MSNBC Legal Correspondent join Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House with the breaking news that prosecutors have asked a judge to impose a gag order against defendant Donald Trump ahead of the hush money trial which is scheduled to begin next month.