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Would Cruz select Trump as veep?

The Hardball Roundtable tells Chris Matthews something he doesn't know, including who Sen. Ted Cruz would consider as a running mate.

Who would Senator Ted Cruz consider as his running mate if he gets the Republican presidential nomination?  

David Catanese of U.S. News & World Report tells Chris Matthews that he spoke to Senator Cruz last week in Iowa on his campaign bus for 45 minutes. He asked him about how he’d select a running mate if he’s the nominee.  The Texas Republican said his first instinct would be to look to those who ran against him and those who ran against him well, putting together good campaigns.  Is a Cruz/Trump ticket in the cards?  Stay tuned.

In other campaign news, Michelle Bernard reports that Hillary Clinton might have a problem with women voters, a needed voting bloc to win the presidency.  Bernard says Debbie Wasserman Shultz has suggested millennials aren't so hot on Clinton because they are complacent on abortion rights. In an interview with Melinda Henneberger of Roll Call, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended Wasserman Shultz from the criticism heaped on her die making this suggestion and piled on, stating that young men and women are gravitating to Bernie Sanders and that it isn't about one issue. Pelosi also said she doesn't believe in abortion on demand. 

And finally, Politico's Ken Vogel says Cruz’s allies are becoming increasingly frustrated that a pair of super PACS which have raised $25 million to support Cruz are largely sitting on their cash during a critical period in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses. The PACs in question are funded – and controlled – by two Texas families and sources tell Vogel they donated early as a show of force to try to motivate other donors to support Cruz and scare off donors from supporting rivals. But the latter certainly hasn’t happened, and now operatives are grumbling that the families don’t get politics and need professionals to come in and spend this cash while it could potentially make a major difference in a close race.