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Why won't a GOP lawmaker stand up to BP, Rush?

Let me finish tonight with our lively interchange with Rush Limbaugh.

Let me finish tonight with our lively interchange with Rush Limbaugh.As I said earlier in the show, I think this a dazzling question: who are these elected politicians who do not fear this man on the radio?We came up with this idea. It can't go on forever, can it?We asked all the Republican officials here in Washington. There are hundreds of them, for just one of them to step forward and say that he or she disagrees with Rush on anything. Anything.We got this idea when a U.S. congressman from Georgia had to tip-toe backward on something he'd said. He'd actually dared to defend the Republican leadership against Rush's charges. But not for long. After a few hours of withering nervousness, the Congressman decided that it was the better part of valor to tell Rush that he was sorry for what he'd done.How can this happen in a democracy? But listen up. It continued like this. I thought for sure it might stop, this kow-towing to the radio man down in Florida, when Rush went so far as to back BP in the oil mess. He went out there and took "BP's" side, attacking the President for being so unpleasant with the big oil company by getting it to set aside $20 billion for the people whose lived have been sunk by the oil spill.Well, not even that got not a single congressperson to step up and say, "this is where I get off, where I cut Limbaugh loose."When we had the congressman from Louisiana on, not even "he" would side with his party's leadership and take on Rush. While saying Rush didn't speak for him, that he spoke for himself, he still would not complete the thought and say, darn it, Rush is wrong, couldn't do it. Perhaps he "can't" do it. Maybe no Republican can do it, the way things are today.We continue to look for that lonely Republican to stand up against big, bad BP and win one for the folks who are really getting messed with, the folks the chairman of BP calls the "small people."

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