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Why the GOP is a 'party of presidential destruction'

Let me finish tonight with this. Do you know what would be great?

Let me finish tonight with this.

Do you know what would be great?

Having two parties in this countries trying to do good, to do the things the country needs do.

We don't. We have one party, the President's, trying to improve our health care system, trying to protect the country, trying to improve and strengthen the way we let people become part of our country.

And we have another party, most of it sitting around cheering for disaster, a dozen or so of its members lighting fires, igniting anger at the very idea of government.

I cannot remember a time when one of our political parties was so overwhelmed by the negative - the nasty news conference, the over-the-top indictment, the obsession with investigation.

The Republican party of Washington today is a party of presidential destruction and any means to achieve it. It doesn't want power so much as it wants the other party, the president's, from having it.

It doesn't so much want the White House - try to think of someone they honestly want to see there - as it wants to imagine that Barack Obama isn't really President after all.

"That" is their dream, not doing something, but finding a way that they can achieve their nirvana -- no President Obama.