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Why Paul Ryan is the "younger, less tanned" John Boehner

The Hardball Roundtable has today's scoop, including why Paul Ryan is the "younger, less tanned" John Boehner.

Chris Matthews asked the Hardball Roundtable to tell him something he doesn't know, and Buzzfeed's John Stanton says Paul Ryan is in fact John Boehner, just younger and less tanned.  

Stanton says they have the same world view -- conservative, Midwestern Catholics -- they both believe in working with Democrats whenever possible but still maintaining a strong republican backing, Ryan just passed a transportation bill that Boehner backed, and he's going to pass a spending bill this year that has backing from Democrats. In 2013 when McCarthy and Cantor broke with Boehner on the fiscal cliff bill, Ryan stayed home because he believed in it.

Next, American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan says Ben Carson is increasing his efforts to court the black vote with ads in urban media outlets. His campaign is of the mind that he will be the second African-American president of the United States, believing that the first would be a person of the left, and the second, of the right. They says they are gaining the support of more and more African Americans as he climbs in the polls.  Dr. Carson also feels his venture into politics is public service which is a ministry unto itself. 

And finally, Forbes' Carrie Sheffield says Trump is poised to destroy relations with Hispanic voters, much like Goldwater in effect destroyed GOP relations with African-American voters.  In 1956, African-American support of the GOP was a solid 39 percent and a decent 32 percent in 1960. But after opposing the Civil Rights Act, Goldwater garnered a pitiful six percent in the 1964 presidential election. Black support has in single digits or the low teens ever since. A Trump nomination could similarly relegate the party to demographic oblivion with Hispanics.