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Why Bill de Blasio won 'the hearts of New York'

Let me finish tonight with....

Let me finish tonight with....

What I like about elections is when they agree with me!

I do believe - not in polls - but in real elections, when people get up and get there, get themselves into that booth and vote their minds, and their guts and their hearts.  It's really quite a combination when you put it all together - our minds, our guts, our hearts.

And when they voted for Bill de Blasio up in New York I think they were voting with it all - especially their hearts.

You know, like everywhere else in the world, we have battles here among our people - our ethnic groups.   We have them and they are fought in so different ways but the fact, the fact of the heart is that we want them over with - especially the fight that's been at the center of so many of our fights - the one between white and black.

I really believe that picture of Bill de Blasio and his wife and young son at the breakfast table won the hearts of New York.   Why?  Because that picture of a loving, fun-loving family that is real, not some reality show, but truly get-up-in-the-morning, have breakfast together, argue about things, watch television together, live together makes us happy.

New Yorkers want to be happy.  That's why they voted for De Blasio.  They don't want fights about stop and frisk and all the rest.  They want peace. More than that, they want some love.

I hope Bill and his family go on showing New York and the country how to live together.  I'm for this picture.  I'm for what New York has set its heart on.