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What could happen if we attack Syria

And now - for just a minute, let's think about what could well happen if we attack Syria.

And now - for just a minute, let's think about what could well happen if we attack Syria.

Doesn't Syria then make a move on Israel? It's already said pretty much that, saying that a US attack will lead to a "wider, regional war." Is there any doubt what that means?

What does Hezbollah do? They are the decisive ally Syria has had. What stops Hezbollah from firing away at Israel with its tens of thousands of conventional rockets?

Please tell me.

And what do we think Russia will do once we commit an act of war against its prime ally in the Middle East, that being Syria.

Will Putin sit there like a puppy and take the humiliation? Will he? Or will he act in ways he knows - and we "will " know that hurts precisely what we're attempting to do in the region. I'm betting he does something. He's not exactly the kind of person who sits and thinks and - pouts. He acts!!!

Finally, Iran. What will Iran do when we attack another Shiah-led country, its number-one and, actually, only friend in the region? Do we believe the people of Iran - the secular, more modern part of the society - just as much as the more traditional and religious - will think that the United States is behaving like an imperialist? I do. I know that Putin will think this way.

And, when the pictures from the hospital hit television sets all through the Arab and Islamic world, throughout the globe really, does anyone think that the United States will not be rallied against, "Hated" once again, as we are each time we decide to strike at an Islamic country. And does anyone sane on this planet not believe those pictures from the hospital are "not" coming within hours of our attack on Syria?

All this is something to think about as we watch Obama challenge A Congress that doesn't like him TO do something it doesn't want to do. This, my friends, is a tough one. Don't you think?