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What Bill Clinton can do for Barack Obama

Let me finish tonight with a totally political commentary. Sometimes what's needed is not a change in policy but an upgrade in politics.

Let me finish tonight with a totally political commentary.Sometimes what's needed is not a change in policy but an upgrade in politics.This is precisely where President Obama stands now.He's got a good, sellable record.He signed up with President Bush to prevent a financial collapse in the fall of 2008. That's something FDR didn't do with Hoover, spend some political capital to help the country even before inauguration.He passed a major job stimulus bill - a step that every president since FDR knows is the one and only known way to prevent a second great depression, which is precisely what most thought we were facing when this president took office.He passed a health care bill, something every Democrat since FDR has been promising.And this week he's going after Wall Street, those "malefactors of great wealth" that Teddy Roosevelt used to nail.So his policies are in place.Now he needs a team, a political posse to go sell it.To head that posse I would name the only other American in his league politically – Bill Clinton. His ally Terry McAuliffe said yesterday on Morning Joe that the former president is set to do a "lot of campaigning" this fall.That makes a bundle of sense. Bill Clinton is a centrist Democrat with a wow of a record on the economy. When he speaks about an economic boom, about balanced budgets, even about surpluses people have good reason to listen – because he presided over all three.The fact that President Obama just named Clinton's budget director as "his" new budget director is smarter. Seeing Clinton himself out on the road this fall will be even better.The Republicans are running as the party of "no" this fall. It would be good for the country to see a hefty party on the other side yelling "yes." Bill Clinton could be the first recruit, with others like governors Ed Rendell and Bill Richardson to follow. It's time for the Democrats to make friends; they've got "more than enough" enemies.Let me be blunt. This Lone Ranger number of President Obama's has about run its course. For the country to be confident in his leadership he needs to lead more than a White House; he needs to lead a party.

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