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We need a two-party system this country can reasonably choose between

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this.

I really like this new poll that Quinnipiac just did. Why? Because it shows how exciting politics in this country can be. Check this number: Hillary Clinton, 45%; Chris Christie, 37%.

Study that number.

Eight points isn't much to separate a woman who everyone around me says is unbeatable from a New Jersey governor who still has to get re-elected. But the real number here is the number of undecided: 18%.

That means there are 55% out there who are either for Christie or not committed yet. Since everyone in the country has a pretty good fix on who the recent Secretary of State is, that can only mean this could be one heck of a race.

Why do I think that's important? Because I want there to be a two-party system in this country that a huge number of people could reasonably choose between, that both parties are capable of putting forward a presidential candidate who believes that government is important, that it's important for both parties to work together once the election is over.

Anyway, I'll be honest—nobody wants a lopsided Super Bowl. And I don't want a boring campaign, not one I fully believe could be the most exciting in decades.