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Watch: Haley Barbour says GOP needs a 'proctology exam'

Thanks for the visual, Haley Barbour.

Thanks for the visual, Haley Barbour.

The former Mississippi governor kicked off the Republican Governors Association meeting in Las Vegas Wednesday with an unconventional prescription to heal the ailing Republican party before 2016.

“We’ve got to give our political organizational activity a very serious...proctology exam,” said Barbour, who wins the prize for most graphic election post-mortem analysis.

Barbour was speaking of the need for Republicans to improve their ground game efforts, which Romney political director Rich Beeson recently described as having worked “fine.”

Just in case anyone in the room was confused, Barbour went on to clarify his remark saying, “We need to look everywhere, is my point... We need to get all the way down to the nub of the matter.”