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Voting is a right, not an obstacle course

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this.

Voting in America should not be Chinese water torture. It should be available to any person willing to put in a reasonable effort to identify themselves, get themselves registered, and show up at election time.

It's one of those area where balance is the key factor. Get the information necessary to ensure the voter is who he or she says they are, then make the process as easy as possible consistent with that goal of keeping it honest.

Don't throw hurdles in people's way. Don't reduce the number of hours you can vote. Create enough voting stations so we don't have lines stretching hours into the night.

I do believe what we saw in Ohio in 2004 and what we saw last November in Florida are examples of not meeting these standards. I do suspect that the people running those states at those times were not interested in making it fairly easy for a legitimate voter to get to the booth.

Consistent with the Constitution, the federal government should do what it can to make voting a right, not an obstacle course.