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Voters are smarter than Sen. Cruz says

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this.

Senator Cruz suggests that the voters don't know the difference between the two major political parties. That, he suggests, is the reason they voted for President Obama last November.

I tend to assume rationality on the part of voters. They vote for the party that meets their concerns, the party with the best track record for doing what they want done.

Senator Cruz suggests that the Republicans should be the party of the 47 percent, that some in nearly half of the electorate has been misinformed. Had they known what Mitt Romney stood for they would have lined up to vote for him.

This assumes the voter, not Mr. Romney, was the mistaken one - and that Senator Cruz is going to disabuse them of that grievous misunderstanding.

We'll see. My sense is, based upon experience, that the voters - especially voters in real need, have learned from their experience who is on their side - not always delivering, but on their side - and which party is working the other side of the street.