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Vote for your beliefs, not for someone you like

Let me finish tonight with this,

Let me finish tonight with this,

I have an easy proposal to make. When you're about to vote in an election, think about what you believe. Then think about what the candidate believes. If it's different, be careful.

Let me put it this way: if you don't vote your beliefs in the voting booth, why would you count on someone else voting for them on the floor of the U-S senate?

There are a good number of politicians in this country I like but would probably never vote for.

I liked the first president Bush. I liked Gerald Ford. I like Bob Dole. I liked them all as people but never voted for them. If the majority of other people voted for them, I'd wish them well, but ... again, I wouldn't vote to re-elect them.

So, I've come to believe that the best reaction to liking or disliking a candidate is to be honest about it, say good things about the ones you like, but vote for the one who will vote like you do. Otherwise, you end up with a senator that makes you angry, not just with how he votes, but how you voted.

Politicians, like most people, don't often change. So if you see that a candidate votes like you do, you'd better vote for him -- because the people who don't agree with you are sure as heck voting for the other guy.

Most important, get out there and vote. If you don't, things are going to get done the way the other people think they should -- and they're not sitting around thinking about what you would like done.