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Vote: Why is Donald Trump demanding more of Obama's records?

Donald Trump at the press conference earlier this year (RW/MPI/Picturegroup via AP IMAGES)
Donald Trump at the press conference earlier this year

Donald Trump has finally unleashed his overhyped "major" announcement: The real estate mogul and former White House wannabe has offered $5 million to the charity of President Obama’s choice if the commander-in-chief releases his college and passport records.

“Frankly, it’s a check that I very much want to write,” the host of The Apprentice said in a YouTube video.

Several months ago, when he was still flirting with running for the presidency, Trump became the unofficial spokesman for the widely discredited Birther movement, which insists that Obama’s birth certificate might not be legit, and that therefore he is potentially ineligible to sit in the White House. The whole kerfuffle prompted Obama to release his full birth certificate in the hope of ending Trump and Co.'s charade once and for all.

In the latest stunt, Trump—who insisted before the announcement that he would shake up the presidential race—did not say what he expected the documents would reveal.