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Time for President Obama to bolster political infrastructure

Let me finish tonight with the need for an Obama shake-up.

Let me finish tonight with the need for an Obama shake-up.I said on Friday that President Obama needs to bring in Hillary Clinton as defense chief to give his defense department a clear Democratic lead, bolster his Middle East Peace deal - which could make this administration - and also strengthen, let's admit it, the Obama-Clinton coalition, which is the very heart of this administration.But President Obama also needs a Chief Operating Officer. He's not an executive of experience. He's probably brilliant… he's amazing at values. He's got solid vision. What he needs is a skilled, confident follow-up man, a person who make things work -- no ifs, ands, or buts. He needs a Democratic Jim Baker, an Obama-era version of the guy who kept Ronald Reagan on even keel and made things run well, even elegantly, a guy who knew how to deal with the opposition House of Representatives (which there's a more than good chance Obama is going to face).It's not a time to promote deputies. It's a time to bring in proven executives, big shots. You can put Colin Powell back at State. This time he'll be able to follow his instincts and values under a like-minded president.People will say that Mike Bloomberg or Colin Powell won't take these jobs. That's what they said about Lyndon Johnson when Jack Kennedy offered him the vice presidency. That's what they said about Alan Alda when Jimmy Smits offered him secretary of state on West Wing (Just kidding about the last part)But there comes a time when the country needs to do the right thing. Nobody's going to tell me that Mike Bloomberg wants the party of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to take over this country.Mr. President, you've started a push for infrastructure - roads, bridges, railways. Now it's time to build your own political infrastructure. It's time to go for strength. You've worked at building a government in Baghdad and Kabul. How about building a world-class one here in Washington!Mr. President, it's a time for greatness.

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