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The U.S. should have serious doubts about arming Syrian rebels

Let me say it loud and clear.

Let me say it loud and clear.

If we're going into another Mideast war - after Afghanistan, after the US invasion of Iraq, after our "leading from behind" in Libya - shouldn't there be some kind of vote on whether we do it?

Shouldn't we do it the right way and end diplomatic relations with the Government of Syria before we start handing out rifles to people out to kill the leaders of their country?

Wouldn't that be the serious, right thing to do if we are, ourselves, are serious about this. If we're going to commit an act of war against another government, shouldn't we be straight up about it?

Or is overthrowing Islamic governments what we do now? Is that now the natural business of this country?

So why don't we change the name of the Department of Defense to the Department of killing Islamic people on global television department because that's what we've been doing for a dozen years.

I'm being sarcastic because it's the only way to describe what I consider the true American reaction to this thing we now do without even having a vote on the matter. We don't bother to declare war because it's become just the normal thing we do.

Why declare it when war's become the new damned normal.