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The real 'boss' of Tea Party Republicans

Let's end with this tonight.

Let's end with this tonight.

If you're a Member of Congress "and" a member of the Tea Party, who is your boss? Is it John Boehner, the Speaker of the House? Was it Mitt Romney?

Don't bet on it.

The real "boss" of every Tea Party-backed politician is the man or woman in the back row of the next Tea Party meeting, the angry one, who stands up and scolds him.

"You sold us out! You raised taxes. You've betrayed. You've turned on us. You're one of them!

It's that angry voice rising up from the back of the room that haunts the Tea Party-backed Republican now deciding where he or she wants to be come midnight this New Year's Eve. Do they want to be the person who voted with the party leadership or - worse yet - the Democratic president? Or do they want to have voted against all that and stayed true to the purity of the Tea Party dogma: No Taxes? No Deals? No Compromises! No nothin! Period.

So this is the wall that those in the Tea Party have raised up, the wall beyond witch the people they've elected are now captured. They can't vote for what they campaigned against. And what they campaigned against was spending money on government because that is what taxes "are."

Got it?