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The Mickey Mouse Club is back

Let me finish tonight with this. The Mickey Mouse Club is back.
Hardball-Let Me Finish
Hardball-Let Me Finish

Let me finish tonight with this.

The Mickey Mouse Club is back.

Oh yeah, just look at the Republican Party's plan to kill the Electoral College and replace it with a vote by congressional district. No longer will we be the 50 states. From now on, if the Mouseketeers get their way, we'll be the 435 congressional districts. Not the United States of America but the United "Congressional Districts of America."

It's the latest Mickey Mouse gimmick to win elections without having to win the most number of votes.

Remember the tricks they tried in 2012? All those changes in the voting times, all those cuts in the number of voting booths, all that effort to make it harder for people to vote? All that targeting of the people who tend to vote in ways the Republicans don't like people voting?

Remember all that? Well, now they're trying something new. They don't like that states like Pennsylvania regularly vote Democratic so some political quacks came up with the idea of breaking up the state's electoral votes so the rural areas get more power. They don't like the "urban" vote going so Democratic so they've decided to kill its power over how the state goes overall.

The real fight here by the Republicans is against the country's shifting demographics. If they can't get people to vote for them, they try to kill the power of those who don't.

Will they get away with it? Not if you stay tuned and keep an eye on these little buggers. They've got their mouse ears on. They're up to their gimmicks.'s Mickey Mouse time again.