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Sununu, Palin, Trump race baiting to rev up 'the Archie Bunker crowd'

The right-wing hate machine seems to be revving up its engines.

The right-wing hate machine seems to be revving up its engines.

MNSBC’s political analysts Joy-Ann Reid of and David Corn of Mother Jones appeared on Hardball on Friday night, arguing the presidential race was has taken an ugly turn for the worse.

Host Chris Matthews pointed to John Sununu arguing Colin Powell endorsed Obama because they were both black, Sarah Palin using the phrase “shuck and jive” about the commander-in-chief, and Donald Trump demanding Obama release more documents and calling the jobs numbers “a lot of monkey business.”  

“If the Romney campaign is really winning you have to ask, then you wouldn’t think they’d be acting like this,” said host Chris Matthews.

Reid argued the brouhahas were all strategic. “This is about over and over again tweaking the Archie Bunker crowd,” said Reid, referring to the 1970s television sitcom blue-collar character criticized for being racist.

She continued, “If this was just about Barack Obama or his policies, Colin Powell wouldn’t magically get sucked into it too. We wouldn’t be hearing Sarah Palin talking about shucking and jiving. I mean how much more obvious do they have to be? This is about trying to run up Romney’s numbers among low information, blue-collar, white voters—particularly older voters who are already uncomfortable with the idea ‘this guy’ being in the White House.”

Corn said “It’s all about saying [Obama’s] not one of us.”  

He added, “It’s really sophisticated. It’s not a dog whistle. It’s sort of an orchestra that plays to a wide audience with different instruments."