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Some GOPers have yet to evolve on sexual assault

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this.

I sometimes worry that I'm not keeping up with the times. I don't know anything about the current music scene. I can't even tell you much about the current generation of movie actors - though I do know a number of truly superior ones like Jennifer Lawrence.

But when I hear some of the Republicans in the Congress talking, I have this feeling I'm Mr. Today, Mr. State-of-the Art, on American culture.

Why would a senator say that rape is understandable because boys are sexually excited during the years during their late teens and early twenties?

Of course they are, but what's that got to do with rape and assault - sexual assault?

What does it say about the human life to say something like that?

And what does it say that you blame rape and, again assault cases, here sexual assault, on the presence of "sexually explicit magazines." Every airport's magazine rack is loaded with women provocatively shown photographed. Does that justify or even explain sexual violence in the skies?

These guys. That's all I got to say. They talk about rape and vaginal probes and all kinds of stuff that they would better off not even talking about.

A lot of us say we've evolved on issues like marriage equality. Hell, most of the country.

These guys come across as far further back - I'd say really back - in that evolutionary history of ours.

Do you think, we might just be talking the Cro Magnin stage.