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Sideshow: Election Night 2014

Another election has come and gone, but not without its comical moments.

Time for the Sideshow!

Another election has come and gone, but not without its comical moments.  Our first comes from msnbc’s coverage of the election Tuesday night, when Tom Brokaw’s phone began ringing while he was on the air.  But he handled the situation in the smoothest way possible, proving why he was always one of the best anchors in the business.

"Could that be me?" Brokaw asked as an alarm went off on set. "It is, unfortunately."

And then, without missing a beat, he pulled the phone up to his ear and proceeded to have a conversation.

"Yes, I will remember to bring home the milk, don't worry about it.  And I'll feed the dog in the morning, just sleep in, it's gonna be okay," Brokaw joked as the other anchors on set laughed.  Watch that great moment below.

And one item saw an end to its fifteen minutes of fame on Election night.  It had a good run, and maybe even caused some controversy along the way.  But sadly, it was time for Charlie Crist’s fan to be…unplugged.  The Democratic candidate lost to Rick Scott in his bid for Florida governor and with his loss comes the end of the line for the infamous fan that caused such a stir during last month’s debate.  Melissa Lyttle of The New York Times captured the bittersweet moment here.

And finally, Jimmy Fallon tried to pinpoint why so many Democrats may have been defeated during the  midterms.  The Tonight Show host thinks President Obama’s push for voters to head to the polls may not have been catchy enough.  Check out the video below.