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Say What? When the budget debate hits the 'baloney' phase...

How do you know the budget crisis blame game has reached a climax?

How do you know the budget crisis blame game has reached a climax?

Here’s a hint: the lines of attack take a turn for the inventive. What did peas and Jell-o have to do with the debt ceiling debacle of 2011? How about a sugarcoated Satan sandwich?

On to the fiscal cliff of 2012: John Boehner called the Republican plan to avert the crisis “Plan B,” but when it appeared the bill had no hope of getting passed, Nancy Pelosi took a stab at guessing what the “B” really stood for. (spoiler alert: two syllables, rhymes with “muddled”).

Now we’ve entered the final stage of the sequester showdown and, true to form, people on both sides of the debates are thinking outside the box to put the blame on their opponents.

Will the military “baloney-slice” their way through across-the-board spending cuts? Has the House of Representatives become a “drive-by Congress”?

Everyone involved should take a good look in the mirror and start thinking about compromise. Or as former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson puts it, “quit embarrassing America” and “go see the movie ‘Lincoln.’”

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