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Obama's offering business a tax break

President Obama wants to cut taxes.

President Obama wants to cut taxes. Business opposes him.

Think this is odd?  Why would people oppose a cut in the taxes they have to pay for each worker they have on the payroll?  Why wouldn't an American business person want a tax break so he could hire more workers and save money doing it?  Wouldn't it make good business sense to back a president - regardless of his politics or political party - if what he was doing helped your business, helped your stockholders, and helped you?

Well, politics, as the saying goes, makes strange bedfellows. This isn't the first time business has backed the Republicans in a political fight even when it runs against good business.

The same thing happened back in 1963.  Jack Kennedy wanted to cut taxes in order to stimulate the economy and reduce the jobless rate.  Business opposed him.  Fact is, a poll taken the year earlier showed 88 percent of business opposed him.

Yes, today you hear a lot of Republican candidates raving about Kennedy's tax cut proposal, saying how he had it exactly right.  Back when he was president, business people were out there opposing his push for a tax cut. 

So President Obama, you're in good company. History shows that, despite all business good sense, sometimes people let their politics get in the way of their own success. 

President Obama is out there offering them a tax break - that if it were being offered up by a Republican president the big corporations would be leaping and gobbling this happy meal like the porpoises at Sea World.