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Obama has 'some 19 areas' to use executive orders for gun control

President Obama will have options on gun control—with, or without, the GOP.

President Obama will have options on gun control—with, or without, the GOP.

Rep. Jackie Speier, who met with Vice President Joe Biden earlier in the day Monday, said there were “some 19 areas” President would be able to act on immediately through executive orders.

“Vice President Joe Biden indicated there were some 19 areas he was able to identify that the president could take action on through executive order,” the California Democrat told Hardball’s Chris Matthews on Monday.

“He didn’t go into detail on what they might be, but suffice it to say, there will be some considered that will not require Congressional action,” she added.

Obama, during a press conference earlier in the day, touched on his gun policy—which will be revealed as early as this week. His plan will be based on recommendations from Biden’s task force.

Obama reiterated the priorities he emphasized shortly after last month’s deadly shooting in Newtown Conn, signaling what may come next. That includes stronger background checks on gun buyers, limiting access to high-capacity ammunition magazines, and a “meaningful” assault weapons ban.

“Will all of them get through this Congress? I don’t know,” said the president.

So what has the best chance of actually passing in Congress?

Speier said a universal background check is “absolutely imperative.” Matthews agreed, saying “it really does keep bad people away from guns.”

Mother Jones’ David Corn said even such background checks would likely face stiff opposition.

“The NRA has opposed this time and time again. They don’t want a database because they don’t want these background checks…They don’t want any limitations on people to buy guns, including people who shouldn’t be able to buy guns,” he said.