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A note about being lucky

Let me finish tonight with luck. People notice it, talk about it. Many believe in it. A streak of luck.

Let me finish tonight with luck. People notice it, talk about it. Many believe in it. A streak of luck. We know what it means because there seems to be something to it when you see it happening.  Getting the breaks. Some just get them - it seems.

President Obama certainly has a confidence about him. It would be reasonable to assume it comes from his sense of being lucky. Things have worked out for him along the way. Born to not the best circumstances - his father left early - he went to a great high school, great college, great university and a top law school where he had the brains and grit to make editor of law review.

He ran for the United States senate and had his two most prominent opponents drop out of the race for personal reasons. He ended up facing Alan Keyes - who was parachuted into Illinois for no better purpose than to put up a show. Lucky Barack. He gave a great speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention - even before being elected senator - and was on his way. He was a contender.

While he faced a tough opponent in Hillary Clinton everything broke his way, once again, in the general. John McCain was nominated eight years too late and ended up throwing a "Hail Mary" pass in the name of Sarah Palin, who didn't end up like most "Hail Mary" passes - Incomplete!  And throw in the financial crisis that basically knocked the party of George W. Bush out of the action. 

Now Obama faces a really tough outlook. Joblessness hangs at 9.1 percent - with low growth in the picture. Republicans seem to be getting their act together - on the road to nominating either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. It could be Romney-Rubio next November, or Romney-Perry, or the other way around.  A number of possible strong tickets, made stronger by the 9.1 % unemployment rate.

The smart money is on Romney - for the same reason the Obama people aren't losing their cool. Yes, the President and his people are confident. They've been here before.  They've seen the doubters. Didn't people think they were falling behind Hillary this time four years ago? 

And Republicans share the superstition. They worry he will be lucky again. And that's why they're holding back on Perry - thinking they better run Romney - just in case this guy's luck holds as it has before.  That's why the Obama people refuse to "panic" - no matter what someone yells from the sidelines. 

It's that human belief in luck. It's the stuff that dreams are made of.