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A new political pair of Kochs, this time for the Democrats

A new pair of Kochs has entered the ad frenzy that precedes November’s midterms: the Koch "sisters".

The Koch brothers, billionaire industrialists that support the Republican agenda, have been portrayed as the "evil antithesis" of Democratic ideals.  But now, a new pair of Kochs has entered the ad frenzy that precedes this November’s midterms: the Koch "sisters".

Joyce and Karen Koch are featured in a new ad meant to distance the Democratic candidates from the big money campaign proceedings of Republicans running for office this fall.  The two are meant to represent the average person hoping to prevent wealthy Republicans from subverting the democratic process by buying the election.

Although Joyce and Karen are not related by blood, they say they are sisters “in spirit.”  The Koch Sisters webpage goes on to explain that this “spiritual” connection points to the shared value among Americans that the election of their politicians should occur through expressing their voices by voting rather than spending billions.

The AFL-CIO has launched the ad nationally as well as in the Senate battleground states of Kentucky and Michigan.  They say this ad is the first in a series that will discuss more specific issues.

An AFL- CIO blog post states that the Koch sisters represent “the shared belief that the working class is the backbone of our country and that corporate special interests and billionaires shouldn’t be able to pollute our democracy for their personal gain at the expense of others.”